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More About Us

Personalized Approach

We are a welcoming homestead on a working agritourism farm. A Spiritual, nonprofit, organization comprised of a Board of Directors, Board of Advisory, Parent Advocates, Caregiver Council, a team of Volunteers, College Interns, Family involvement and members of the community; all of whom have our members best interests at heart.

A place to continue their learning and growing; being the bridge to the gap between high school and the work place. A person centered approach with your loved ones in mind.

TSL Homes would be by themselves or clusters of 2-5 houses and apartment style living that are located just southeast Charlotte, NC at this time. Through the admissions process, we will assist Members and families in choosing the best home for our Members in their desired area of choice as available.  

Excellence and Professionalism 

This ministry was founded as a direct result and inspiration of their son having Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDDs) and other mental health diagnoses. The organization was founded in 2008 and became a 501C(3) public not for profit in 2009.

It is TSL's goal to our members that they experience positive outcomes while being emotionally supported. “It is the result of preparation, dedication, hard work and learning from experiences.” The Sheperd’s Lodge way is ambitious. This is your time, and it is time to make clear the power of impact of this TSL model. Yes, it will take a village and may be a challenge, but we know that we can do this because of the strong professional relationships, families and community partners. The bond we have formed is evident. The family like care and services we provide are needed and welcomed.

Child's Pose
Bridge into the Woods
Our Desire

To grow into a dynamic farming, gardening, and handcrafting an intentional community that includes adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, which incudes Autism. Providing safe, nurturing, homes and a therapeutic day facility that will enhance the lives of our member participants.

Offering personal care, pre-vocational training, job coaching, employment supports, community navigation services, mentoring, creative arts, adaptive sports, educational and supportive workshops. Nutrition and wellness guides designed to support and inspire each individual according to their abilities.

Our training specialists assist our members to build and refine their skills in the areas of Academic, Tactile, Sensory, Pre-Vocational, Creative, Recreational, Social, and Spiritual. People with diverse backgrounds, skills and personal goals join our intentional community to offer their service and talent that has a lifetime reward, volunteering their time and energy. Who serve in various capacities to support each other and build a strong and ethical community. They live, work, learn and grow with us.

TSL Mission

TSL will focus on giving our members and members of the community meaningful opportunities to live and work together. To help them continue to learn about themselves, to learn something new, to improve their quality of life to becoming independent as possible and to find their place in society. 

Our Vision

Serving our members in a village with an integrated but simple life, we believe the best life lived is in a community of peers, mentors and neighbors who become friends. Our village offer a lifestyle that encourages our members to step outside and connect with others. To live a healthier life in a home of their own, in one of our rental cottages or to share a home with another member, on a smaller maintenance free, all-inclusive footprint. All this while receiving individual supports as needed.

Life is about experiences, over things. This is a pillar of our vision for TSL. Today small space living in connected communities has been embraced by people wanting a permanent residence. We continue to grow, and offer more innovative plans, including day supports, employment, pre-vocational education and a healthy sustainable lifestyle. Members can connect during day supports, while working in the village, volunteering, socializing at the pool, clubhouse, or community events. Stay healthy at the fitness center, trails and make new furry and feathered friends at the petting zoo. Members will grow and share the harvest with meals together from the community garden.

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Horse Training
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