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Write to us now, we’re always happy to talk about our future plans and vision!

Sponsoring Partners:

Ann Sheperd Realty & Associates - Ann Sheperd

Environmental Process Solutions, PLLC - Kellie Hedrick

Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial - Alisa Parks

Nutrition Stewart - Sarah Stewart

CFE Tax Services - Zudih Cadyma

Underdog Business Strategies - Steve Gatter

The Sheperd Family - Andrew Sheperd

True Homes - Jennifer Cooper

Camp Donors:

Becky Dixon, Janet Mapes, Harris Teether, Mineral Springs UMC 2017


Thank you to all our 2017 camp volunteers and interns; Shawna Sheperd, Matt Harrell, Mikayla Marlow, Maddie Lee, James, Lisa Kirkland, Janet Mapes, Matthew King, Tyrell Ramkissoon, Andrew Sheperd and My Parents.


2018 Camp Interns and Volunteers; Shawna Sheperd, Mikayla Marlow, Tyrell Ramkissoon, Jessica Elliot, Dillion Fernekees and friends.

2018; HarrisTeether, Kellie Hedrick, Sheperd Family, Ann Sheperd Realty & Assoc.,

Jessica Elliot, Lisa Duray, Mary Johnson 

2019 Camp Volunteers and Sponsors;

Harris Teether, Ann Sheperd Realty & Associates, Kellie Hedrick, Andrew Sheperd, Shawna Sheperd, Tyrell Ramkissoon, Lisa Duray, Jessica Elliot, Kellie Hendrick 

Thank You to all our sponsors and donors;

All our friends as fb donors

Stonebridge Community for their donation in 2019

Community Partners:

Project2Heal    NC Estate Law Firm    Michelle Verecky Law Firm

Two Hearts One Language-Janine    The Farm at Penny Lane 

Creative Counseling & Learning Solutions PLLC - Laura Greenhalgh

Linda Little - Union County School

Amy Dickey - Parent and MHA

Margaret Oshita - Voc Rehab

Union County Literacy Council - Keith Adams

Signposts Ministries - AnnieBeth Donahue

Deanne Garrett - Baker

Piedmont Music Therapy

Southern Range Brewery Co.

Lobster Dog Food Truck

Bunkley Family

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