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TSL Summer Camp 2017/18/19 Testimonies

"Selena had a very memorable time with you and your awesome staff. She was filled with excitement each day she attended. Of course, we love seeing our children happy and fulfilled. We look forward to staying in touch; cannot wait to see what the future holds! In the meantime, stay happy and healthy.  I look forward to seeing all of you again!" -Debra

"Thank you so much for the wonderful day camp experience that you provided for Sam and the other young people this week.  The time, effort, and most of all love were so evident in the well planned, appropriate environment.  All this bodes well for the future of The Sheperd's Lodge.  Sam says his favorite activity was arts and crafts.  We look forward to hearing from you about future plans and helping you build this program. Also, a special thanks to all the volunteers who worked with you.  We didn't have time to learn all the names but it was a pleasure to see their smiling faces each morning. Have a wonderful rest of the summer" -Evan and John Duncan

"We appreciate you and the rest of your crew for the camp last week.  Josh had a great time! Thank you for the sacrifice of time and the scholarship you gave to him." -Eldra Bunkley

"I had a great time at camp this week and I'm missing everybody already! I can't wait to see all my new friends again soon." -Tyrell

Hi, Ann Marie, I hope you are getting some rest this week.  The effort that you put out last week for camp must have been energy draining.  I especially appreciate your communication with me to encourage Sam to be more social and involved.  I asked him what he enjoyed the most and he said "the animals" and gave a step by step account of how to wash a horse.  Driving out into the country each beautiful morning was refreshing to me as well.  John and I are deeply grateful for the gift of your time and spirit to care for young people with special abilities.

Take care, Evann Duncan 8/1/18

Thank you for always including me and allowing me to be a big brother to the other participants - TR

Stay tuned to see upcoming events with us! Have any questions?


Monthly Community Support Group, Advocate, Resource and Educational Meeting for Parents, Caregivers and Others who care for their loved ones with a disability. Encourage Equality and Equity for all. 
Join us on the 4th Monday in the month at 6:30 to 8:00
Zoom Webinar
These meetings are an excellent way that our board members, committee members, staff, parents, caregivers, experts and community partners explore and tackle important issues to reduce the stigma around behavioral health. 
One of our main focus at these meetings are to learn new ideas and solutions towards health and wellness and caring for oneself as we care for our loved ones with a disability.
Up Coming Speakers:

Jan 25th     Getting to know you

Feb 22nd    Parents Support

Mar 22nd    Sarah Steward - Nutrition

Apr 26th      Financial Planning for Parents w/ a loved one with a Disability 


May 24th     Advocacy

Jun 28th      Caring for Oneself 

Jul 26th      

Mondays 12 - 2 pm Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) On Hold 

We are now accepting Applications and Registrations for TSL's

Day Support Services

EAL sessions

Residential Services

Monthly Socials and Events

Jan 30th - Virtual social check-in at 1:30-2:00    

Feb 12th - Virtual V-day BINGO 1:30 -2:30

Mar 28th - Virtual Decorate Easter Eggs 2:30 -3:30

Apr 25th -  Virtual Scavenger Hut

May 22nd - Cane Creek Park Picnic (depends on the Covid-19 guidelines)

Jun 27th - Outdoor games/Park venue TBA

July 25th - Pool Picnic

Jul  19-23rd - Summer Camp 10:30-2:30 pm at TSL Office Space

Aug 29th - Park or Hike TBD

Sep 25th - Petting Zoo

Oct 30th -  Fall Festival Costume Party/ Cook Off Fund Raiser

Nov  BINGO - UMC Wingate TBD

Dec. Holiday Gathering TBD

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