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Our resident members 18 years and above will live together as members of a loving and caring family and in an intentional homestead village. Each person will have his/her own cottage or share one with another person.

We will also offer Assisted living in which our housing team will provide 24 hour  supervision and personal care services for 3-6 residents in each home.

We believe that each person has his or her own unique destiny. We try to build an environment that supports each person’s individual strengths, having diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, ranging in ages from 18 to 99 years.

The intentional community living model enables TSL to address the pre-vocational, residential, social, emotional, and physical needs of adults with disabilities.  One keystone of this model is an emphasis on opportunities for independence and interdependence for adults with disabilities, which is achieved by work and living situations in which our members make an active and significant contribution to our homestead. Many will thrive on the accountability and relevance of their work, citing their responsibilities in the café, farm stand, the petting zoo, chicken coop or in the garden as one of their favorite parts of life here.

Please contact us if you would would like to be a part of TSL Housing.  Due to the high levels of interest, we recommend Members and their families need to apply to be a part of the waiting list as soon as possible. Doing this will secure your place on the wait list.  


TSLM offers a pilot program with a range of programs and services to meet your need or preference within the Spectrum; including Intellectual Developmental Disability, Autism, Substance Abuse Recovery and PTSD.

Getting this message out to parents is vital as their young adults with special health care needs exit school, allowing them the opportunities to prepare for their loved ones future. This can help them in many ways as they navigate for services, weather it be for higher education, pre-vocational skills, job coaching. job training, housing, day supports or community navigation.

  • Nurturing personal growth and dignity with job coaching and pre-vocational training.

  • Ensuring the health and safety of every individual.

  • Focusing on the awareness of and respect for their diversity.

  • Fostering relationships with local communities and networks opportunities.

  • Helping individuals achieve measurable real-life outcomes

  • Ensuring that all relationships are based on active listening, mutual respect and honesty.

  • The development of interpersonal social skills, cognitive skills, interpersonal growth (i.e., confidence, self-esteem, self-worth) 

  • Communication skills, and decision making skills. 

  • Holistic health and wellness education.

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