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It is taking a village as we know it would; We need you to help us to make viable connections in our communities with the local business owners, organizations and parents.  Currently, we are raising funds via our community partners and sponsors in order to acquire the funds needed to close on a farm purchase in Monroe, NC for our agritourism farm. We are asking for your support, we can't do this alone, but together with your help we can make this dream come to a reality!

The Problem: Young adults that need disability services and supports as they exit the school system at the ages of 18-22, and many times their families do not know what step to take next. Our adult children and loved ones with a disability are not given equal opportunities, lots of time they are told where they need to go, which program or agency has an available placement or bed. Many a times they are stuck with not having a choice, because no other agencies will accept them.  Some are placed in situations as a band aid and end up in placements where the services are less than sub-par. In most cases they are merely a daycare service. Many lives have endured physical and emotional abuse, which resulted in hospital visits and police involvement. Some persons would be overly medicated to be in a non-functional state, were threatened or exploited, and are not given nutritional meals for the sake of their healthy well-being.

Our Solution: The Sheperd’s Lodge will bridge the gap for persons with a disability exiting the school system into adulthood and the workforce.

We have nine goals:

  1. Autonomy- Understanding each individual

  2. Person-first Language - puts the person first before any other identifiers

  3. Advocacy -  for all members with disabilities and mental health problems, their families and caregivers

  4. Respect - to all individuals and those shown to be living with disabilities.

  5. Integrated groups -  provide opportunities to mix with and join society or a group of people

  6. Building Awareness -of those around you

  7. Shattering Stigma - share your story and shatter stigma one person at a time

  8. Education - Members will have a chance to further their education or to learn a pre-vocation trade or just enjoy something fun that they’ll like to learn about.

  9. Inclusion - Empowering people with disabilities by offering an all-inclusive program     


You may donate by mailing a check to PO Box 711, Mineral Springs, NC 28108

We can also accept credit cards via Square that is deposited directly into our TSL business bank account.


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